copyright 1991-2024 cleanrecords



copyright 1991-2024 cleanrecords

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Clean Records, an independent record label, was founded by B. L. Henrickson in 1991, in Manhattan Beach, California @ Sweet Dreams Studios. The production of Bradley Ditto's second release, "Acoustic", became Clean Records first, full length release. Clean Records was licensed in the county of Los Angeles, Ca., as an independent record label in 1993.  The west coast office and main headquarters are located in Hollywood, Ca.
The entire operation of CR-West, is overseen by Director, Rik Breniser. The CR-East coast satellite office, is located in the Smoky Mountains, NC. All creative decisions of the Clean Records label are a team effort. All concerns of the Clean Records label, from coast to coast and world wide, are governed by B. L. Henrickson, Pres / CEO.




       ,CR1003 'Delicate Transition' CD       
mp3 "DELICATE TRANSITION" 30sec piano