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Bradley Ditto – Depth of Perception (Clean Records):

Bradley Ditto’s laconic drawl is perfectly suited to delivering the mildly cynical, amused self-parodies or messages – “No Love is Perfect,” “She Got Me,” ”Just a Case of Bein’ Lonely” - which stud this mostly light-hearted recording. He is capable of wailin’ the lovesick blues – “For Ever It Seems” - or just rockin’ the hell out of the joint, just for because (“The Motto Reads”), or getting down on his knees (“Julie Lee”), or getting things all mixed up – “You’re the One” followed by “Who’s the One” - uh, wait a minute - or just layin’ it down for happy sake – “Feelin’ a Feelin’ Good Feelin’” – or getting’ real close to his baby and real sad too, fearin’ she’s maybe left him – “Last Night” - or just ticklin’ those strings an’ warblin’ along – “Catfish.”

In other words, a virtuosic performance, just Bradley and his ole guitar, pretty much – except for that jews' harp and good ole boys’ choral yell on the closing cut, “Hey (Wake Up),” having fun with you like a good ole boy will do. (I keep going back to that great line, “You always had such an easy answer,” with that lopin’ percussion, on “For Ever It Seems,” oh boy).

So I dunno if you can drop that folkie loop around ole Brad, I think he’ll most likely hop over it, tippin his cowboy hat to ya. The guy he reminds me most of is Jack Williams, Mickey Newbury’s old traveling partner. If that suits you fine, a little bit country, truckin’ along music, I think you’ll like his music. I sure enjoyed it. Thanks, Brad.

(© Copyright: John McLaughlin 2/3/2004)

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